Best destinations when traveling with a camper van


Irrespective of the means you are using, traveling in a camper van is thrilling. It creates an atmosphere where you are not limited by a timetable. The only limit you will have are your ambitions. Most travelers choose the smooth routes of New Zealand, Australia, and North America. However, those who are willing to navigate on the potholed filled less traveled roads, end up with better rewards elsewhere. Irrespective of your preference, there are exciting destinations with open-road adventures perfect for travelers in camper vans.


This is a perfect destination for all weather campers. The North Coast 500 cannot be compared to its counterparts in the United States. This is due to the route cutting through heather carpets in the beautiful highlands. The route connects between distilleries located in the middle of nowhere, fishing towns, and crumbling castles. It has campsites lined along the entire stretch incorporating Scotland’s highest highway, Bealach na Bà. When traveling to this destination, remember to bring your bathers as there are beautiful beaches there. However, you will only get to visit them if the weather behaves.


Popularised by great movies, a trip to this destination in its own is a subgenre. There are so many road movies that have been produced in Hollywood making California a great choice for camper van travelers. The Golden state has numerous itineraries to offer travelers. The excitement begins at highway 101 to Death Valley. If you only need one road to travel, the Big Sur stretch on Route 1 is an ideal choice. The section has 143km stretch passing along the coast of California and is also lined with scenic campsites. It is the longest route in the US stretching along undeveloped shoreline.

East Coast Australia

For a long time now, road trippers have been drawn to the East Coast of Australia. Here, you will meet beautiful coral reefs, attractive beaches, and hedonistic towns. As a result, these provide the ideal environment for camper vans travelers. In Sydney, the blossoming used camper van market offers a reliable set for those seeking to acquire one. As you cruise on the road moving past the Opera House, the East Coast reveals its impressive offbeat islands and national parks.

In addition, it offers cities such as Surfers Paradise, Cairns, and Brisbane where hard partying is the norm. The beach is not all boisterous. There are options for quiet camping along the coast. Available also are several free sites which often offer public barbecue.