Best winter destinations in the US

From a traveler’s point of view, there are two options to the thought of a long winter. Firstly is embracing the cold and look for an outstanding winter destination. The second option is following the warmth wherever it can be found. After having enough of the ice, you can’t be blamed for choosing the second option.  Travelers in the United States don’t have to leave in search of warmth. Here are some of the places you can find the sun in winter. 

 Palm Springs

This place has its own type of cold across the year. The encouraging bit, however, is that it is not the kind that you will experience elsewhere. You can still get dry cold from the desert during winter nights. The average highest temperature never falls below 70°F. Palm Springs is a perfect winter oasis with a variety of motels and modern rentals for those who want to have private pool parties. If you crave a little more activity, the Banana Museum and Joshua Tree National Park are a stone throw away.Therefore , this city is one of the best in the winter.


Before the beginning of the baseball season, major league teams usually relocate to the Phoenix area to have their training. The weather at this destination is phenomenal. Phoenix on average receives sunshine for 299 days each year. In mid-summer when the temperature goes beyond 100°F you might wish there was less sun. The clear days during late winter are excellent for outdoor fun. If you don’t visit for some baseball action, you can enjoy the ‘Cactus League’. Visiting the Desert Botanical Gardens, you get to marvel at cactuses mingling with beautiful exhibitions of art. If that doesn’t make you tick, you can certainly take a walk and marvel at the Papago Park sandstone formations.  

The Everglades

Florida is famous for having the warmest winter temperatures in the United States. It is made of the warmest beaches, the warmest state and warmest city all put together. The Everglades is the warmest national park found on the outskirts of Hawaii. Besides, winter is a dry season in Florida which makes it one of the best periods for wildlife spotting. As marshes dry off, wildlife begins to congregate in smaller locations where they can find water. At the same time, migratory birds also move to Florida to seek warmth. As a result, the convergence of animals makes the season favorite for tourists to visit Florida. Driving to the south along Everglades Highway gets you to Flamingo. It is a wonderful place to spot manatees.